About Founder


I praise God for He has given me a great chance to share with you, how the Lord Jesus Christ met me when I decided to commit suicide. I request you humbly not to ignore reading this page.


I am A.M. DAVID and was born on 8th October 1959 in a small village called Alagapuri, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India. I am the third child to my parents and two other children were born and dead before I was born. I have never seen my father’s face, because he passed away from this world when I was six months baby. Then my widow mother brought me up and she sacrificed herself for my good life. Our relatives and some of our family members thought that my birth is the cause for my father’s death. So my relatives hated me. Whenever they saw me they cursed me. I lost my love from my relatives.

Then I failed in my school final, because I could not able to concentrate in my education due to the problem from my relatives. After I failed in my studies my mother also hated me and rejected me. I lost my joy and peace and relationship from my mother and relatives. Then this world became bitter for me.

So I left my house, my widow mother and my relatives and decided to commit suicide. Planned well and went to a Bus Terminus to complete my decision. When I began to think of my mother who is a widow and her love and her sacrificial life for me the tears rolled from my eyes, because I do not want to leave my mother alone.


When I was thinking about suicide and as well as my widow mother, a young man came near to me and lifted me up, enquired me and consoled me through the Word of God. He explained me about the Love of Jesus Christ and the Salvation, which comes through His blood. I understood what all he explained from the Holy Bible. Though I was born in a Christian family, only on that day I came to understand that Jesus Christ loves me from my mother’s womb. Then I gave my heart to Him and accepted Him as my personal Savior and Lord. After few days I obeyed to the Word of God and took my immersion Baptism and thereafter He filled me with Heavenly joy and peace.


After my baptism I dedicated myself to the Lord’s work. Then the brother who directed me into the Salvation of Jesus Christ admitted me in a Bible School at Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. I studied there for three years from 1976 to 1979 and got my Diploma in Theology. When I was in the prayer and meditation the Lord our God anointed me with His Holy Spirit according to Zechariah 4 : 6. After I completed my Bible Course I worked for the Lord at Karaikudi, Thirupathur, Tiruchy and some parts of South India. Then I came to Chennai city in 1980 and doing His great ministry till today in this area.



I was married to Jemimah on 11th February 1988. Praise God for He has given me a good life partner. Now my wife is the Associate Pastor ministering along with me and my three children Beulah Elizabeth, Immanuel David and Israel David are joining with me in our Lord’s Ministry. Immanuel plays keyboard in our Church and Israel in Drums and Elizabeth is in our Choir. I am happy to inform you that we as a family serving the Lord to win many souls for His eternal Kingdom. I believe in God that through this humble testimony God has touched your heart and will be a blessing to you and you will be a channel to blessing to others.

( Sr. Pastor )