About us

The main Church at Porur was established with a small group of people. From 1980 to 1993, nearly 13 years we conducted our main Church in a rented building. The house owners gave us lot of troubles when we were conducting the Church Worship Services. We prayed with tears in all our fasting prayers and house Church meetings. God answered our prayers and helped us to purchase a piece of land in 1993. After much prayer and with the help of the Lord we started the Church constructions work in 1996 with Rupees thirty five thousand only. God did miracles in this matter and many Christian friends and believers came forward and contributed liberally to the Church construction work. Though all the work was not completed, we dedicated the Church to the glory of God on 22nd January 1998. Then we completed the rest of the work through the weekly offerings from our Church believers. I am happy to say that the congregation was increased by the Grace of God. So, we prayed and planned to construct the first floor of the Church. God did miracles and our local Church believers and Christian friends met the needs. We completed the first floor and dedicated the Church to the Glory of God of 22nd January 2005.